AMA:作为 BTC、ETH的跨链闪电网络,NerveNetwork如何玩转Defi-NULS一个可定制的区块链基础设施!

主持人: Hello ,大家好,欢迎来到XIAO  JUN社群。今天非常荣幸邀请到了NerveNetowrk发起人Berzeck,由他为大家带来“作为 BTC、ETH的跨链闪电网络,NerveNetwork如何玩转Defi”的主题分享。BZ,您好!请先简单介绍一下自己吧!

BerzeckMy name is Mario, from Bolivia, but everyone calls me Berzeck. I have 20 years of experience in software engineering and I am working for NULS since late 2018.

译文: 我叫Mario,来自玻利维亚,但大家都喜欢叫我Berzeck。我有20年的软件开发工程经验,从2018年底开始为NULS工作。

主持人:很开心能够认识 BZ ,接下来我们开始聊聊让很多人关心的“作为 BTC、ETH的跨链闪电网络,NerveNetwork如何玩转Defi”话题。

What are NerveNetwork’s goals?    NerveNetwork的发展目标是什么?

BerzeckNerve is a decentralized digital asset service network, which is a set of cross-chain interactive protocols based on the NULS microservices framework and developed with ChainBox. The goal is to eliminate the isolation problem that most blockchains have, also, to establish a cross-chain interoperable asset interaction network, and provide all the underlying support for Defi applications ecosystem; letting digital asset holders enjoy truly secure, free and transparent Defi application services.

译文:Nerve 是一个去中心化的数字资产服务网络。它是基于NULS微服务框架, 使用 NULS ChainBox(链工厂的底层)开发搭建的区块链跨链交互协议。旨在打破区块链价值孤岛,建立跨链互通的资产交互网络,为 Defi 应用生态提供底层支持。让数字资产持有者享受真正安全、自由、透明的 Defi 应用服务。

BerzeckNerve has been designed to complement NULS blockchain and use some of its capabilities including its smart contract’s VM. Its aim is to open the gates to interconnect several blockchain platforms enjoying our blockchain strengths.

译文:Nerve旨在补充NULS区块链并使用其某些功能,包括智能合约的VM。 其目的是打开大门,以连接其他大型的多个区块链平台。

BerzeckAs you can see, Nerve has caught the attention of the ethereum community! This is just the beginning. Nerve will definitely attract more projects and developers. Nerve not only helps with value flow, but also delivers blockchain value.


AMA:作为 BTC、ETH的跨链闪电网络,NerveNetwork如何玩转Defi-NULS一个可定制的区块链基础设施!

BerzeckIn the near future, Nerve users will access seamless to various assets of BTC, ETH, ERC20, NULS, NRC20 and NULS parallel chains, and there are plans to support more mainstream blockchains.


BerzeckNerveNetwork website:

译文:NerveNetwork 官网:

主持人Why does Nerve aim at NULS public chain ecology and build cross chain transactions,but without other public chain ecology?为什么Nerve项目选择了NULS公链生态,并在跨链交互上进行搭建和创业,而没有选择其他公链生态呢?

BerzeckNerve is designed to complement NULS blockchain, its design is a lot simpler than other cross-chain solutions because it doesn’t try to interconnect everything with everything and also doesn’t try to incorporate all possible features, for example, smart contracts are implemented in NULS and this functionality is not replicated in Nerve because it will use this functionality from NULS.

译文:NULS拥有灵活的微服务结构, Nerve是NULS区块链生态的一个补充,它的设计比其他跨链解决方案简单得多,因为它不尝试将所有事物联系在一起,也不尝试合并所有可能的功能,例如智能合约 是在NULS中实现的,Nerve不会复制它,因为它可以使用NULS中的此功能。

BerzeckSo instead of having a big inefficient bloated blockchain, we split it into two slim efficient ones (NULS and Nerve) with specific purposes and tasks that are able to evolve at their own rate and designed to complement each other.


主持人:What was NerveNetwork’s first app?  NerveNetwork的第一个应用是什么?

BerzeckThe first application built on Nerve is NDEX which is our own decentralized exchange… it will have a component that will make easy for other companies to build their own DEXs.


BerzeckIf you want to build a DEX based on NerveNetwork, we are willing to support you.


主持人:What consensus mechanisms does Nerve use?What is the difference or advantage between it and other cross-chain projects? Nerve采用什么共识机制?它与其他跨链项目有什么区别或优势呢?

BerzeckNerve adopts POCBFT, a consensus mechanism for independent innovation.

POC refers to Proof of Credit, this is the consensus mechanism used by NULS and BFT refers to Byzantine fault tolerance.

译文:Nerve采用的是自主创新的共识机制POCBFT。POC指的是Proof of Credit,是信用共识机制的简称,是NULS创新使用的共识机制。BFT指的是拜占庭容错。


BerzeckPOC is a DPoS derived consensus mechanism that is very efficient, also it has an embedded mechanism to punish bad behaving nodes, and, of course, it allows all token holders to participate in staking and earn rewards.


BerzeckBFT was added to the Tendermint consensus mechanism adopted by another well-known cross-chain project: Cosmos. Its performance is about 6 ~ 8 seconds while Nerve will likely reach a block speed of about 1 ~ 3 seconds.


BerzeckIt can be seen that the combination of POC and BFT not only allows Nerve to inherit the advantages of the NULS POC consensus mechanism, but also allows Nerve to have an excellent performance.

译文:可以看出POC和BFT结合,不仅让Nerve继承了NULS POC共识机制的优点,也让Nerve在性能上有了更加优异的表现。

主持人: Nerve 的最大供应量是多少?   What’s the maximum supply of  Nerve   Token ?

BerzeckNVT’s maxmum supply is 2.1 billion, with an initial circulation of 1.1 billion (1 billion will be generated by consensus nodes and virtual banks).


主持人:How to be a main network node of Nerve to get mining revenue?   如何成为Nerve主网节点获取挖矿收益呢?

BerzeckNerve’s main network nodes are divided into three types: ordinary nodes, consensus nodes, and virtual bank.


AMA:作为 BTC、ETH的跨链闪电网络,NerveNetwork如何玩转Defi-NULS一个可定制的区块链基础设施!

BerzeckThe ordinary nodes are responsible for functions such as transaction collecting, block and transaction verifying, and providing services for applications.Ordinary nodes will allocate consensus incentives based on the proportion of pledged assets in the pledged assets of the entire network.


BerzeckThe consensus nodes are responsible for the maintenance of the blockchain, and the mortgage deposit can be used to create the consensus node. The deposit cannot be less than 200,000 NVT. The number of consensus nodes on the Nerve main-net is fixed at 35, and the main-net will choose the 35 nodes with the highest deposit to become consensus nodes.


BerzeckThe virtual bank is responsible for the maintenance of cross-chain assets, including the creation and management of multi-signature accounts or smart contracts for parallel chains, the creation and broadcasting of asset transfer transactions, etc.The virtual bank is selected from the consensus nodes, and the default is the top 15 consensus nodes with the largest deposit The weight of the virtual bank’s reward is twice that of the consensus node.

译文:虚拟银行:虚拟银行负责跨链资产的维护,包括创建和管理平行链的多签账户或智能合约,创建并广播资产转出交易等。虚拟银行从共识节点中选出, 默认为共识节点中保证金金额最多的15个共识节点。虚拟银行的收益权重比共识节点更高。

BerzeckIf you want to become a Nerve mainnet node owner and participate in staking, you need to hold at least 200,000 NVT.


BerzeckIf the number of asset pledges on your node can be ranked in the top 35 of the entire network, you can become a consensus node.


BerzeckIf you can become the top 15, you will also become a virtual bank node, You’ll get more bang for your buck.


主持人: What are the growth plans for Nerve this year?   Nerve今年的发展计划有哪些?

BerzeckJune: NDEX beta ;we plan to invite top platforms and institutions in the industry to serve as bank nodes.

July: NDEX release, Nerve Main-net and airdrop.



BerzeckAugust – December: Add more blockchains to Nerve.Nerve users will access seamless to various assets of BTC, ETH, ERC20, NULS, NRC20 and NULS parallel chains, and there are plans to support more mainstream blockchains.


主持人: How much TPS will be expected after the main network is launched?  Nerve 主网上线后,TPS预计能达到多少?

BerzeckWe still don’t have a final number but NULS has 800-1000 TPS and NErve will be a lot faster!

译文:我们仍然没有最终的数字,但是NULS有800-1000TPS, Nerve会更快!

主持人:How do we  get Nerve tokens (NVT)?  如何才能获得Nerve代币(NVT)奖励呢?

BerzeckNeverNetwork initiated the NULS holder 10:1 airdrop and planned to take a snapshot at NULS main network height 2620000 (approximately 12 July 2020).At present, there are many exchanges and institutions to support the air drop.

译文:NeverNetwork开启对NULS持有人10:1空投,计划在NULS主网高度2620000(大约是2020年7月12日 )进行快照。目前已有多家交易所及机构支持本次空投。

BerzeckNext,If you hold BTC、ETH、or NULS, you can get NVT rewards by staking them on NerveNetwork.


BerzeckFor other real-time campaign rewards, Please Check out the — Nerve News channel and follow our twitter account @nerve_network

译文:其他实时活动奖励,请关注NULS论坛(——Nerve  News频道,以及我们的twitter账号@nerve_network。

主持人:What partners is NerveNetwork looking for?  NerveNetwork正在寻找什么样的合作伙伴呢?

BerzeckWhatever you are a project、media or exchange, we will have the opportunity to enpower each other.


BerzeckNerveNetwork enables to provide decentralized assect management service for exchanges and wallets, we also hope that more platforms will support various assects on NerveNetwork.


BerzeckWe sincerly invite you to join the node of Nerve main-net.Moreover, we are seeking for more resources and institutions to join us. If you are interested, feel free to contact with me.





Berzeckno, the deposits in each mining node is not capped, just the number of nodes that are eligible for consensus nodes and virtual banks.



Berzeck200k minimum deposit of nodes  of course if you want just to stake the amount is a lot lower.



Berzeckyes there will be a  burnign mechanism that will be explained in detail in the near future.



BerzeckAs explianed we hired a marketing company that is guiding us so people know about our products, tweeter, youtubber influences and several articles in reputable news outlets like yahoo finance, cointelegraph, decrypt and many others.

译文:我们聘请了一家营销公司来配合指导我们。让人们了解我们的产品、推特、youtube的影响,以及在雅虎财经(yahoo finance)、cointelegraph、decrypt等著名新闻机构发表的几篇文章。


BerzeckNVT  Maximum SUPPLY: 2.1 billion.

10 million airdrops to the NULS community, 1 for every 10NULS held;

Pre-development: 190 million, community building and promotion, and virtual bank recruitment;

Cornerstone investments: 300 million, institutional investments and partners;

Foundation: 600 million (200 million virtual bank pledge, 400 million linear release within 20 months after the main network is online for 1 year).

Output of Staking: 1 billion, 86,400 pieces per day, released after 100 years, with extremely low inflation rate.








BerzeckCross chain technology along with DeFi platforms are  very hot trends on today’s crypto landscape, we have our own powerful strengths so we will be a good option for companies building in our platform.

Also we understand that be viable long-term we must build a very solid ecosystem (BTC is alive because of its ecosystem and not because of its tech) so we will invest a lot of resources building a big solid ecosystem around Nerve and NVT.