AMA:DeFi 看 Nerve 如何突围


AMA:DeFi 看 Nerve 如何突围

7月22日,BigONE PR 负责人对话NerveNetwork发起人Berzeck,进行了主题为【DeFi 看 Nerve 如何突围】的线上AMA。



有请Berzeck来跟我们打个招呼吧!Let’s welcome Berzeck @Berzeck

Berzeck: Hello everyone, good afternoon! I am Berzeck, NULS NTC members and community councilor. I am graduated from the Military Engineering College of La Paz, Bolivia, with a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering. I have nearly 20 years of experience in system development and team management, served as IT director of a multinational company and project external consultant of the State Administration of Transportation.
I have been working for NULS since the end of 2018. With rich experience in using modular methods and microservices, I have led and completed the modular reconstruction of the underlying core of NULS 2.0 and the design and development of the microservice architecture with the other NTC members.

译文:各位小伙伴们,大家下午好!我是Berzeck,NULS NTC 理事成员。毕业于玻利维亚拉巴斯军事工程学院,系统工程学士学位。近 20 年系统开发和团队管理经验,曾担任跨国公司 IT 总监,国家运输总局项目外部顾问。我从2018年底开始为NULS工作,在使用模块化方法和微服务方面有着丰富的经验,主导并完成了 NULS 2.0底层核心的模块化重构和微服务架构的设计、开发。



Berzeck, would you please tell us what Nerve is?首先有请我们的Berzeck, 为大家介绍一下什么是Nerve?

Berzeck: OK. Sure!
Nerve is a decentralized digital asset service network, which is a set of cross-chain interactive protocols based on the NULS microservices framework and developed with ChainBox.
Its goal is to eliminate the isolation problem that most blockchains have. Meanwhile, to establish a cross-chain interoperable asset interaction network, and provide all the underlying support for Defi applications ecosystem; letting digital asset holders enjoy truly secure, free and transparent Defi application services.

译文:Nerve 是一个去中心化的数字资产服务网络。它基于NULS微服务框架, 使用 NULS ChainBox(链工厂的底层)开发搭建的区块链跨链交互协议。旨在打破区块链价值孤岛,建立跨链互通的资产交互网络,为 Defi 应用生态提供底层支持。让数字资产持有者享受真正安全、自由、透明的 Defi 应用服务。

Berzeck: Here are some INFO for Nerve:

Nerve website: of the progress Nerve : WeiBo:Nerve网络



Berzeck: Nerve adopts a multi-layer and multi-chain architecture that integrates parachains and relay chains, and defines a set of interface protocols for public chain networks such as BTC and ETH, so that tokens such as BTC, ETH, ERC20, NULS, NRC20, etc. can be quickly transferred between different public chains.
This not only enables Nerve to form a differentiated competitiveness in the construction of the DeFi ecosystem, but it is also likely to become a landmark leap forward in the development of the blockchain.

译文:Nerve采用集成平行链和中继链的多层多链架构,针对BTC、ETH等公链网络定义了一组接口协议, 使BTC、ETH、ERC20、NULS、NRC20等代币可以在不同公链间实现快速转移。这不仅使Nerve在建设DeFi生态中形成差异化竞争力,同时很可能成为区块链发展历程上标志性的一次跃进。


Berzeck: Nerve has carried out bold innovation and ingenious design in many aspects such as consensus mechanism, technical architecture, and economic model.


Berzeck: Based on NULS POC consensus algorithm, Nerve designed a more efficient and stable POCBFT consensus algorithm, which adds a BFT mechanism to ensure final consistency on the basis of POC, shortening the block generation interval to seconds. It is expected that the TPS will reach 2000+.
Meanwhile, the transfering sservice fee will be almost 0, which greatly increases the asset transfer speed and reduces the transfer threshold.

译文:Nerve 在基于 NULS POC共识算法基础上,设计了更高效、稳定的POCBFT共识算法。该算法在 POC 的基础上增加了确保最终一致性的BFT机制,将区块出块时间间隔缩短为秒级,预计TPS达到2000+,同时转账费用接近于0,大幅提升资产转移速度并降低转移门槛。

Berzeck: Nerve’s main network nodes are divided into three types: Common nodes, consensus nodes, and virtual bank.

The virtual bank is responsible for the maintenance of cross-chain assets, including the creation and management of multi-signature accounts or smart contracts for parallel chains, the creation and broadcasting of asset transfer transactions, etc.

The consensus nodes are responsible for the maintenance of the blockchain.
The common nodes are responsible for functions such as transaction collecting, block and transaction verifying, and providing services for applications.

This kind of multi-consensus mechanism model can help different types of users have the opportunity to participate in the Nerve node consensus process, thus improve the stability and fairness of the Nerve network.


AMA:DeFi 看 Nerve 如何突围

Berzeck: In terms of mechanism implementation, Nerve mainly uses a new intelligent lightning network to achieve cross-chain transactions, It is different from the traditional lightning network of Bitcoin exchange.
Nerve Lightning Network is not a state lock in a state channel, but a virtual bank node for multi-signature or smart contract interlocking verifiers to achieve real asset exchange.

译文:在机制实现方面, Nerve主要采用新型智能闪电网络实现跨链交易,但不同于传统比特币原子交换的闪电网络。Nerve闪电网络不是状态通道内的状态锁定,而是虚拟银行节点进行多签或者智能合约互锁的验证人实现真实的资产交换。

Berzeck: Take the BTC cross-chain transaction as an example. The user transfers BTC to the multi-signature account of the Bitcoin chain managed by the virtual bank, and fills in the user’s Nerve-ADDR address in the transfer remarks. After monitors the Bitcoin network transaction , Nerve’s virtual bank will verify the number of confirmations, prevent fork and rollback attacks, and assemble a coinage transaction to the user’s mapped address Nerve-ADDR in Nerve and sign it.


Berzeck: After the transaction is broadcasted, packaged into the block and the ledger is updated, the user has BTC assets in the Nerve ecosystem, and the actual BTC assets originally on the Bitcoin chain are guaranteed by the virtual bank to not be used passively.


AMA:DeFi 看 Nerve 如何突围

Berzeck: Currently, Nerve has realized value interaction with NULS, NRC20, and ETH.
Through similar ways, all ERC20 tokens such as USDT and other high-quality assets can easily enter the Nerve ecosystem.
This also let Nerve ecosystem develope more widely, Meanwhile, through using of NULS VM to achieve various DeFi and DApp applications, Nerve will provide more services for users on the chain, such as decentralized transactions, mortgage lending, staking, etc.

译文:目前,Nerve已经实现了与NULS、NRC20、ETH的价值交互。通过类似手段,USDT等所有ERC20代币以及其它优质资产,都能便捷地进入Nerve生态。这也就使得Nerve生态形成更加广阔的发展空间,并通过采用NULS VM实现各种DeFi和DApp应用为链上用户提供更多服务,例如去中心化交易、抵押借贷,Staking等。

Berzeck: Decentralized exchange is Nerve’s first step in creating DeFi. Nerve has been embedded the decentralized exchange (NDEX) in its underlying architecture.
Meanwhile, it supports other projects or teams to use the Nerve module to customize their own DEX. For small and medium-sized exchanges, wallets, and DApps, they no longer need to spend much efforts to develop and maintain original asset management tools. Nerve can better meet their needs for multi-asset management convenient ly and low-costly.


同时, Nerve也支持其他项目方或团队使用Nerve模块来定制自己的DEX。对于中小型交易所、钱包、DApp,它们可以无需再投入巨大精力开发、维护原有资产管理工具,Nerve可以更好地满足他们以低成本、快捷的方式进行多资产管理的需求。

Berzeck: Nerve has its own platform token NVT, which has a total circulation of 2.1 billion, of which only about 310 million were in early circulation, including original Investment, community promotion and airdrop.


AMA:DeFi 看 Nerve 如何突围

AMA:DeFi 看 Nerve 如何突围

Berzeck: Most of the rest are held by virtual bank pledges and foundations (linear release in 20 months after one year of the launch of the main network). Of that, 1 billion is scheduled to come out of Staking in 100 years.


Berzeck: Besides the original asset on Nerve network, any other external asset transferred through heterogeneous cross chain can be staking by locking asset and creating node on Nerve and thus receive corresponding NVT rewards.

译文:除了Nerve 链上的原生资产,任何通过异构跨链转入的外部资产,都可以通过在Nerve锁定资产创建节点来获得Staking票权,并获得相应的NVT奖励。

郝维:Nerve’s three-tier node architecture not only ensures that the entire network has very high performance, but also ensures that the entire network has good decentralization characteristics. So how can users become nodes to obtain revenue? Nerve的三层节点架构,不仅保证整个网络拥有非常高的性能,还保证了较好的去中心化特性,那么用户该如何才能成为节点从而获得收益呢?

Berzeck: If you want to become a Nerve mainnet node owner and participate in staking, you need to hold at least 200,000 NVT. If the number of asset pledges on your node can be ranked in the top 35 of the entire network, you can become a consensus node. If you can become the top 15, you will also become a virtual bank node. Correspondingly, you’ll get more rewords for different kind of nodes.


Berzeck: Nerve’s incentive model is node + staking (staking). there is a set of different assets and different staking methods have different weights in Nerve’s incentive mechanism,

译文:Nerve的激励模型是节点+staking(质押),Nerve 的激励机制中设计了一套不同资产、不同 Staking 方式拥有不同的权重的机制。

Berzeck: The weight coefficient weightcoefficient is equal to 1 by default and increases in the following cases:

In the calculation of NULS and Nerve, the weight coefficient is multiplied by 2;In the calculation of the deposit of virtual bank, the weight coefficient is multiplied by 4;In the calculation of consensus nodes of the non-virtual bank, the weight coefficient is multiplied by 3;For the time-fixed staking, weight coefficient varies from the time, as shown in the following table.

译文:权重系数默认为 weightCoefficient =1 . 以下情况可以获得权重系数的增加:

NULS 和 Nerve 在计算时,权重系数乘以 2;虚拟银行的保证金,在计算的时候权重系数乘以 2;非虚拟银行共识节点,在计算的时候权重系数乘以 1.5;定期 Staking,根据不同的时间,设置了不同的权重系数,如下表:

AMA:DeFi 看 Nerve 如何突围





那么请问Berzeck如何看待代码漏洞和系统性风险? So Berzeck, would you please tell us what do you think of the code vulnerabilities and systemic risks?

Berzeck: For all the DeFi projects, security is the most core element. Most of Defi is coded through smart contracts, the security and efficiency of applications running on smart contracts are not as good as programs that are hard-coded directly at the bottom. Thus, Nerve has adopted a different architecture design from Ethereum.


Berzeck: Nerve does not have a smart contract, and the asset exchange protocol is supported on the chain. This protocol is directly supported in the bottom layer of the Nerve network and is jointly maintained by professional virtual bank nodes and consensus nodes. The systemic security risk is much smaller than the Defi application developed by smart contracts.

译文: Nerve没有智能合约,链上支持资产交换协议。这个协议直接在Nerve网络的底层中支持,并且由专业虚拟银行节点和共识节点共同维护,系统性安全风险要比智能合约开发的DeFi应用小得多。




资产上链的复杂程度和不确定性,对于整个DeFi行业而言是非常大的挑战。请问Berzeck是怎么看待资产上链的? The complexity and uncertainty of asset chaining is a very big challenge for the entire DeFi industry. Berzeck, What do you think about assets on chain ?

Berzeck: Assets on chain are mainly divided into two types:
The first type is various virtual assets under the Internet system. and the other type is physical assets in real life: such as gold and oil, etc.


Berzeck: The main function of the blockchain at present is to gradually digitize various virtual assets, and to confirm the rights of the assets through the private key, so as to realize the circulation and value transfer of the assets.


Berzeck: In the future, many physical assets will be marked or anchored through the third-party custody of the LoT equipments, so as to realize the digitization of physical assets. This will lead a huge revolution in the global economy and then bring a total new economy system.




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