Project PAI 在线AMA时间变更通知

各位PAIyos !

由于不可预见的日程安排冲突,Project PAI 的技术路线在线AMA直播被重新安排为2020年5月16日北京时间上午10:00(5月15日美国太平洋夏令时间下午7:00),我们对给您带来的不便感到抱歉。


1. PAI Coin Pool 推荐奖励

2. PAI混合共识路线图

3. Project PAI的有用工作量证明(PoUW)摘要

您还可以通过以下方式获得最新的 PAI AMA的最新信息:


●PAI 中文社区:请添加本次AMA直播的社区志愿者微信,志愿者将根据您的情况将您添加到微信群组中,并且AMA的详细信息将在微信群组中发布。

●PAI 韩国/日本社区,请查看各自社区的 Line 和 Telegram 社群以了解更多信息。您还可以在Naver和Ameba上找到相应的信息。

●此次AMA中文社区的负责人为:PAI上久久、双润、David Liao、小星星和Tony Yuan


Hello PAIyos!

The PAI Tech Roadmap Livestream/AMA is rescheduled to Beijing time May 16th, 2020 at 10:00 am (May 15th, at 7:00pm US PDT) due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict.

Until then, check out some of these initiatives that PAI’s contributors have been working on to get an idea of what to see in the AMA

1.PAI Coin Pool Referral Rewards

2.PAI Hybrid Consensus Roadmap

3.A Summary of Project PAI Proof of Useful Work

You can also participate in the following ways to get the latest PAI AMA updates:

●PAI Global Community, please go to the PAI Forum:

●PAI Chinese community, please add the community volunteer WeChat of this AMA, the volunteers will add you to the wechat group according to your situation, and the details of the AMA will be published in the WeChat group.

●PAI Korean/Japanese community, please check Line and Telegram for your respective communities for more information. You can also find info on Naver and Ameba.

●Volunteers of the AMA Chinese community: PAI 99, Shuang Run, David Liao, Little Star and Tony Yuan.

●Volunteer of the AMA Korean / Japanese community: Hyelee

We thank you again for your flexibility and support.

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