Project PAI 社区贡献者提出了对于PAI Miner连接问题的解决方案

PAIyo 们,大家好!

北京时间5月19日,PAI社区贡献者 “lx” 提出了一个关于解决PAI Miner持续连接问题的有效解决方案。PAI核心贡献者对该方案进行了分析并确认了这是可行的解决方案。

解决方案: 因为PAIyo反馈PAI Miner有时会掉线导致挖矿中断,判断是Session失效过后的掉线(正常情况是一天就会掉线),所以通过UiPath来实现自动化操作,该技术为自动化模拟操作,可以在掉线以后自动登录并操作挖矿。


为了感谢社区贡献者的努力和支持,PAI基金会授予了社区贡献者 lx 总计10000 PAI币奖励。 大家可以点击此处在PAI 区块浏览器


Project PAI 社区贡献者提出了对于PAI Miner连接问题的解决方案


正如2020年5月16日在Project PAI 的全球社区直播中(点击查看直播回顾)提到,以下三个地址包含了参与PAI生态系统的开发者基金。从开发新功能和应用程序到改善现有PAI服务的各种PAI生态系统计划的相关开发人员都可以获得奖励。

Project PAI 社区贡献者提出了对于PAI Miner连接问题的解决方案


Project PAI 社区贡献者提出了对于PAI Miner连接问题的解决方案

PAI Update For Resolving PAI Miner Connectivity Issue

Hello PAIyos,

On Beijing Time May 19, PAI community members ‘lx’ proposed a working solution to the ongoing connectivity issues regarding PAI Miner. The solution was subsequently analyzed and confirmed by the core contributors at PAI that it’s viable.

Due to the fact that multiple PAI Community members provided feedback that the connectivity issue interrupts their mining operations (at least once a day), it’s determined that the issue could be that the login session is failing. UiPath was the solution used to detect when the session fails, and then automatically log the user back in to resume mining.

You can find the original solution proposed here on PAI Forum in Chinese.

As a token of appreciation for the user’s efforts, the PAI awarded the PAI community member 10000 PAI Coin. You can find the transaction confirming the reward on the PAI Block Explorer here or at the QR Code below.

Project PAI 社区贡献者提出了对于PAI Miner连接问题的解决方案

About PAI Developer Funds

As mentioned during the PAI AMA livestream on May 16, 2020, the following three addresses contain funds for developers involved in the PAI Ecosystem. Developers working on a variety of PAI Ecosystem initiatives, ranging from developing new features and applications to improving existing PAI services will be rewarded.

We thank you again for your support!


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