Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日




2020年7月18日北京时间上午10:00(太平洋时间7月17日下午7:00),Project PAI 核心贡献者将主持新的全球社区网络直播,主要介绍和回答有关PAI混合共识的问题。


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日



PAI Coin Pool

上周,我们刚发布了PAI Miner的1.0.0.24版本,该版本具有”记住我”和自动重新连接的功能。因此即使您的网络连接发生中断,采矿活动也将继续。赶快扫描下方二维码下载吧!


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日

本周,我们将在PAI Miner中加入另一个新功能。当您在设备上打开该应用程序时,便可以轻松查看该应用程序的连接和挖掘状态,详情请见下方预览图。


1.图一: 红色信号灯显示PAI Miner未开启。用户要点击”开始”, PAI Miner 才会开始采矿。

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日

2.图二:绿色信号灯显示PAI Miner正在采矿以及连接到PAI Coin Pool。

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日

3.图三:黄色信号灯显示PAI Miner正在采矿,但是没有成功的连接到PAI Coin Pool。

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日

PAI 混合共识

下面是我们开发人员在上周的一些提交/ 更新:

● 正在进行Kubernetes测试网的部署测试

● 正在进行PAI 混合共识计划的第3阶段工作,我们开始设计和更新PAIchain.info的一些功能以实现其混合兼容性。在下方预览图中,我们可以看到PAIchain.info上的区块视图可以包括来自质押者的权益凭证投票和新提交的质押。

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日


有用工作量证明(Proof of Useful Work)

继上个月成功开展的PoUW 网络直播活动,我们欢迎您登录Project PAI GitHub


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日

PAI 论坛 & PAI Pass

新版PAI论坛 paiforum.com上线了!赶快扫描下面二维码,一睹为快!

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日




欢迎来 PAI 论坛 发表!

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月7日


PAI News – July 7, 2020

This past weekend, the USA celebrated its 244th Independence Day. Americans often celebrate the so-called 4th-of-July holiday with fireworks, parades, and of course—barbecue. In honor of the fourth, we’ve grilled up some PAI updates for you. Enjoy!


On July 18, 2020, 10:00AM Beijing Time (July 17, 2020, 7:00PM PDT), PAI core contributors will be hosting an AMA to present and answer any questions regarding the PAI Hybrid Consensus. Register here to join the AMA:

PAI Weekly Updates

PAI Coin Pool

Last week, we released Version of PAI Miner, which features a “Remember Me” option and autoreconnect functionality, so that your mining session will continue even if your internet connection is interrupted. Download it today!

This week, we are incorporating yet another new feature into PAI Miner which will allow you to easily see the connectivity and mining status of the app when it’s open on your device.

PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot of some of the commits / PRs and progress we made last week:

●Ongoing testing of the Kubernetes testnet deployment.

●In line with Phase 3 of the PAI Hybrid Consensus Timeline, we began designing and specifying necessary updates to for Hybrid compatibility. In the preview screenshots below, the view of a block on now includes Votes from Stakers and newly submitted Stakes, in the form of Stake Vouchers.

For more information on the coming updates, make sure to join the Hybrid Consensus AMA on July 18 at 10 AM Beijing Time.

Proof of Useful Work

As a follow up to the successful PoUW Livestream last month, we encourage you to check out the Project PAI GitHub page, which includes a fully functional PoUW demo that you can run yourself by simply following the detailed tutorial in the README.

PAI Forum & PAI Pass

●The new is LIVE! Check it out now:

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

Sound off on PAI Forum!

Thank you for your support!


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