Project PAI 已经上线Alameda OTC交易所

从今天开始,Alameda OTC交易所会在alamedaotc.com上支持PAI币(PAI)交易。Alameda OTC支持用户在其平台上购买、出售、存储、发送和接收PAI币。

关于PAI币和Project PAI

PAI币是Project PAI的虚拟货币。Project PAI的独立区块链平台使用户能够创建,拥有和管理其数字身份和相关数据。通过Project PAI,用户可以参与新的全球人文AI经济,从而拥有其数字身份和数据的所有权。


关于Alameda OTC和Alameda Research

Alameda OTC是Alameda Research的交易所。Alameda Research是一家量化加密货币交易公司,管理着超过1亿美元的数字资产,每天在数千种产品(所有主要代币和altcoins及其衍生产品)中交易6亿至15亿美元。

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Project PAI 已经上线Alameda OTC交易所

Starting today, Alameda OTC supports PAI Coin (PAI) at Alameda OTC customers can now buy, sell, store, send, and receive PAI Coin on the platform.

About PAI Coin and Project PAI

PAI Coin is the digital currency of Project PAI. Project PAI’s independent blockchain platform enables its users to create, own and manage their digital identity and the associated data. Through Project PAI, users participate in a new global humanistic AI economy where they take ownership of their digital identity and data.

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About Alameda OTC and Alameda Research

Alameda OTC is an exchange platform of Alameda Research. Alameda Research is a quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm that manages over $100 million in digital assets and trades $600 million to $1.5 billion per day across thousands of products: all major coins and altcoins, as well as their derivatives.

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