Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月13日

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月13日

欢迎您订阅Project PAI 新版周报第15期刊!十分感谢 大家对PAI项目一直以来的支持。正因为有你们,PAI团队才可以专注于开发,越来越好!希望你会喜欢本周的PAI更新。



2020年7月18日北京时间上午10:00(太平洋时间7月17日下午7:00),Project PAI 核心贡献者将主持新的全球社区网络直播,主要介绍和回答有关PAI混合共识的问题。同时,我们还将讨论我们正在筹备的一些与学术机构在PAI链上进行研究和产业应用的合作。


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月13日



PAI Coin Pool

新的PAI Miner版本已正式上线啦!新的1.0.0.25版本加入了状态显示功能,可帮助你轻松查看当前应用程序的连接状态。这里有以下三种状态:

● 已连接 (绿色指示灯亮): 表示PAI Miner正在运行,并且已连接到PAI Coin Pool。

● 未连接 (黄色指示灯亮): 表示PAI Miner正在运行,但无法连接到PAI Coin Pool。在这种情况下,请检查您的互联网连接。

● 关闭 (红色指示灯亮): 表示PAI Miner停止运行。在这种状态下,你可以选择单击”开始”启动采矿。



Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月13日


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月13日


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月13日

本周,我们将继续致力于开发PAI Coin Pool订阅服务。欢迎点击此处注册获得PAI Coin Pool黄金会员的抢先体验机会:

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月13日

PAI 混合共识

下面是我们开发人员在上周的一些提交/ 更新:



有用工作量证明(Proof of Useful Work)


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月13日

PAI 论坛 & PAI Pass

新版PAI论坛 paiforum.com上线了!赶快扫描下面二维码,一睹为快!

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月13日




欢迎来 PAI 论坛 发表!

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年7月13日


PAI News – July 13, 2020

Welcome to the 15th new edition of the revamped PAI Newsletter! We wanted to start off with a big THANK YOU to the community for reading and for supporting the exciting work happening at Project PAI! We hope you enjoy this week’s updates.


On July 18, 2020, 10:00AM Beijing Time (July 17, 2020, 7:00PM PDT), PAI core contributors will be hosting an AMA to present and answer any questions regarding the PAI Hybrid Consensus. We are also preparing for the collaborations with some academic institutions on some hot topics for blockchain research and industry on PAI chain.

Register here to join the AMA:

PAI Weekly Updates

PAI Coin Pool

A new version of PAI Miner is available now! This new version introduces a status indicator allowing you to easily monitor the connectivity status of your app. The three states you may see are as follows:

●Connected (Green Light): Indicates that PAI Miner is running and is connected to PAI Coin Pool.

●Not Connected (Yellow Light): Indicates that PAI Miner is running, but cannot connect to PAI Coin Pool. In this case, you should check your internet connection.

●Off (Red Light): Indicates that PAI Miner is not running. In this state, you can click “Start” at any time to begin mining.

Here are the download links. Install it today!




This week, we continue work towards implementing the PAI Coin Pool subscription service.

Reminder to sign up for early access to PAI Coin Pool here:

PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot of some of the commits / PRs and progress we made last week:

●Ongoing updates to CPU miner for supporting SHA-3 and switching between hash functions based on the block template received from the stratum server.

●Last week, we finished designing and specifying necessary updates to for Hybrid compatibility. Check out last week’s newsletter for a preview of the new design. This week, we continue work on implementing the updates.

Proof of Useful Work

We’ve written extensive and thorough documentation for the Proof of Useful Work GitHub repository. The PAI developers encourage everyone to check out the fully functional, interactive codebase, and to submit any feedback. You can start by following the detailed tutorial for running the PoUW demo here

PAI Forum & PAI Pass

●The new is LIVE! Check it out now.

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

Sound off on PAI Forum!

Thank you for your support!


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