Project PAI 分层级质押奖励计划表

在上周的PAI混合共识AMA时,PAI社区团队以及PAI核心贡献者宣布了对PAI Coin Pool质押机制的以下更新,将其更改为分层级的质押奖励:

Project PAI 分层级质押奖励计划表

对于所有用户,当PAI Coin Pool 中质押PAI币的总数量每增加2500万,质押区块奖励将增加25PAI币。您可以在以下截图了解分层级质押奖励的计划表。当层级奖励发生变化时,系统将每周一发布一次公告。请注意,如果质押活动显著减少,层级奖励也有可能随之降级。因此需要所有用户共同努力来获得更高层及奖励,请不要随意取消质押。

Project PAI 分层级质押奖励计划表

请访问PAI币池 (, 质押您的PAI币,以增加您将获得的质押奖励。

Project PAI Tiered Staking Rewards Schedule

During the Hybrid Consensus AMA last week, the PAI Community Team and core contributors announced the following updates to PAI Coin Pool’s staking mechanism, changing it to a tiered staking reward schedule.

For each increase of 25 million PAI Coin staked across all users, the staking block reward will increase by 25 PAI Coin.The tier will be updated weekly on Mondays and announcements will be made when the tier is changed. Note that the tier can be downgraded at any time if a significant decrease in staking activity occurs, so it is in everyone’s best interest not to cancel stakes that are in progress.

Stake PAI Coin today on and increase the stake block reward you’ll receive.

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