Project PAI联合PlayerIQ举办全球社区直播,探索更多区块链应用场景

北京时间8月8日上午9:00,Project PAI联合PlayerIQ成功举办首场全球社区直播。在直播中,全球著名NBA训练师Rob Mac先生讲述了他在NBA的工作经验,包括他在《网络:训练NBA的最佳人才和寻找成功的关键》一书中提到的理念,并分享了在新冠疫情期间球员是如何训练的。

Project PAI全球社区与PlayerIQ团队探讨了科技如何使体育训练变得更好,以及如何将Project PAI的区块链和人工智能技术应用于PlayerIQ的产品和服务,双方还将共同推动PAI币成为PlayerIQ所提供服务的支付方式,赋能PAI币的应用场景。

Project PAI联合PlayerIQ举办全球社区直播,探索更多区块链应用场景

At 9:00 am on August 8, Beijing time, Project PAI and PlayerIQ successfully hosted their first global community live broadcast. In the live broadcast, Mr. Rob Mac, a world-renowned NBA trainer, talked about his work experience in the NBA, including his concepts in the book “Network: Training the NBA’s Best and Finding the Keys to Greatness. “. He also shared how the players were training during the COVID-19.

The Project PAI global community and the PlayerIQ team discussed how technology can make sports better, and how to apply Project PAI’s blockchain and AI technologies to PlayerIQ’s products and services. They will also promote PAI coin as PlayerIQ’s payment method and enrich the application scenarios of PAI coin.


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