PAI-Data (PAI数据)调查

PAI-Data (PAI数据) 是一种文件存储服务,它使用PDP2协议规范对诸如BitTorrent,IPFS和AWS的网络进行加密和数据存储。目前,PAI-Data它已应用于PAIPass等PAI服务,并为Uncle Saba’s提供供应链管理和商品溯源服务。

PAI-Data服务由PAI开发者Alex Waters先生和PAI核心贡献团队合作研发,Alex Waters先生是比特币生态系统的早期成员,自2010年以来一直从事区块链技术的全职工作。他过去的项目包括与人共同创立并担任比特币支付公司Coin.co的首席执行官。创建了Coin Apex,这是最早的数字货币和区块链研究组织之一。他还曾在比特币核心开发开源项目BitInstant和itBit中担任过职务。



PAI-Data (PAI数据)调查

PAI-Data Poll

PAI-Data is a file storage service that encrypts and agnostically stores data on networks like BitTorrent, IPFS, and AWS using the PDP2 protocol specification. It is already being used for PAI services like PAIPass. Presently, the PAI-Data protocol has been applied to PAI services such as PAIPass, and is providing Uncle Saba’s with supply chain management and product traceability services.

The PAI-Data service is recommended by PAI developer Mr. Alex Waters and developed in cooperation with PAI core contributors. Mr. Alex Waters is an early member of the Bitcoin ecosystem and has been working full-time in blockchain technology since 2010. His past projects include co-founding and serving as the CEO of Bitcoin payment company Alex cofounded Coin Apex, one of the earliest digital currency and blockchain research organizations. He also held positions in the Bitcoin Core development open source projects BitInstant and itBit.

This poll is to see whether the PAI community is interested in a subscription / pay-for-what-you-use service for secure personal data / file storage. Similar in concept to existing cloud storage services – a simple interface would allow users to upload files in a secure way – whereby those files are encrypted, stored redundantly, and made highly accessible via the PAI blockchain. PAI plans to use technologies such as IPFS or BitTorrent as the underlying system support for this service.

If this sounds appealing to you, please participate in this poll and leave your comments / questions in the survey link below:

PAI-Data (PAI数据)调查


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