Project PAI 已上线火币全球站去中心化存储板块

尊敬的Project PAI社区:

火币全球站的去中心化存储板块已于2020年10月19日正式上线Project PAI。现在,您可以在火币全球站”FIL狂欢月”的”去中心化存储板块” 中交易PAI币。

您可以通过以下资料,了解更多关于Project PAI去中心化数据存储技术的更多信息:

● Project PAI数据存储协议概述

Project PAI 数据存储协议论文

● PAI区块链和PAI数据存储协议为Uncle Saba’s提供溯源和供应链管理解决方案


Trading PAI Coin in the Decentralized Storage Zone on Huobi Global

Dear Project PAI Community:

The Decentralized Storage Zone of Huobi Global has officially listed Project PAI on October 19, 2020. Now, you can trade PAI coins in the decentralized storage zone of “FIL Carnival” on Huobi Global.

You can learn more about PAI’s decentralized data storage technology through the following materials:

● Project PAI data storage protocol overview

● Project PAI data storage protocol research paper

● PAI blockchain and PAI data storage protocol provide Uncle Saba’s origin tracking and supply chain management solutions

Thank you for your support!


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