Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年11月9日

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年11月9日






1. 在下面的链接下载脚本:

2. 然后您可以:

a. 将脚本上传到用于质押的完整节点,或者;

b. 将其内容复制并粘贴到名为 的完整节点上的新文件中。

3. 运行以下命令以正确的依赖关系执行脚本(这些命令假定 和 paicoin 目录都位于用户主目录中(〜),并且您的用户主目录是您当前的工作目录 pwd):

sudo apt install python3

cd paicoin

sudo make install

cd ..


PAI Up iOS现已在 Apple App Store美国区中提供:

○ 在此处下载PAI Up iOS:


● Google Play商店现已提供PAI Up Android:

○ 在此处下载PAI Up Android:

● 移动钱包链接

● 演示版本所述的PAI数据协议现在可用于测试,使用户能够尝试使用加密和存储数据的 PDP2协议规范。它目前用于PAI Pass等服务。

○ 请在这里测试PAI数据协议:


● 如何准备混合共识硬分叉(最新版)

● 如何设置和维护PAI币全节点

● 混合共识分叉之后,PCP PAI币池中的挖矿和质押将如何变化?

● 独立挖矿教程(最新版)

● 独立质押教程:

PAI倒计时 ( 已更新为第一次区块奖励减半


设置一个完整的节点并获得666 PAI的PAI Coin Pool 奖金!请根据此教程搭建完整节点,然后请您用与您的PCP帐户相关联的电子邮件地址发送电子邮件至:


如果您无法同步PAI Up Mobile电子钱包,请尝试按照以下说明将PAI Up Mobile手动连接到特定节点。如何将PAI Up Mobile连接到特定节点?

如果无法同步PAI Up或您的PAI电子钱包在同步后仍然显示不正确的数据,将如何解决?

微信等传统应用程序通过连接到中央服务器,以检索和上传新数据,例如传入和传出消息,或来自其他用户的新时刻。PAI Up不能那样工作。由于PAI区块链是分散的去中心化网络,因此没有中央服务器。但是每个PAI币全节点都像一个中央服务器,并且当您启动PAI Up时,该应用程序必须(基本上是随机地)选择要连接的完整节点。

如果您与该节点的连接较差(例如,由于其物理距离较远),或者该节点发生问题(例如,由于其所有者未正确维护它),则PAI Up可能无法正常工作。在这种情况下,您应该手动重新连接到其他节点。下面是教程:

从PAI的主屏幕上→ 菜单 → 首选项 → PAI币设置 → PAI币节点。

现在,记下”当前主节点”,然后选择”切换到手动模式”。从那里,在顶部字段中输入以下节点之一(与上一个屏幕中的”当前主节点”不匹配),然后选择”确定”。您可以直接输入URL或IP地址。 然后,确保”节点连接状态”显示为”已连接”。如果不是,或者在”已连接”和”正在连接”之间,请从下面的列表中选择一个不同的节点,然后重复该过程。


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年11月9日

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年11月9日

如果这些仍然无效,请您尝试卸载并重新安装PAI Up。



PAI 混合共识

下面是我们开发人员在上周的一些提交/ 更新:

● [PAI Coin Core]根据交易的接受高度进行了交易的丢弃;

● [PAI Coin Core]在交易中启用了到期字段序列化;

● [PAI Coin Core]为mempool和事务持久性及清理实施了单元测试;

● [PAI Coin Core]正在进行的工作更新getblocktemplate可以检查当前高度的所有提示的投票




欢迎来 PAI 论坛 发表!

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年11月9日


PAI News – November 9, 2020

Announcements & Reminders

For ALL solo stakers: Make sure your node is online and voting!

Execute this script on your staking node.

Here’s how:

1.Download the script from here.


a.Upload the script to the full node you use for staking, or;

b.Copy and paste its contents into a new file on the full node named

3.Run the following commands to execute the script with the correct dependencies (these commands assume that and your paicoin directory are both located in your user home directory (~), and that your user home directory is your present working directory, pwd):

sudo apt install python3

cd paicoin

sudo make install

cd ..


●PAI Up iOS is now available in the Apple App Store

○Download PAI Up iOS here:

●PAI Up Android is now available in the Google Play Store.

○Download PAI Up Android here:

You can also download the Android APK version and follow the mobile wallet links

●A demo version of the The PAI Data Protocol is now available to test, enabling users to try to encrypt and store data using the PDP2 protocol specification. It’s currently used for services such as PAI Pass.

Test out the PAI Data Protocol here today:

Check out this information about the ongoing transition to Hybrid Consensus:

●How to prepare for the Hybrid Consensus hard fork:

●How to setup and maintain a PAI Coin Full Node:

●How mining and staking on PAI Coin Pool will change after the Hybrid Fork:

●How to solo stake:

●How to solo mine:

●Set up a full node and earn a PAI Coin Pool bonus of 666 PAI! Set up a full node according to these instructions, then email from the email address associated with your PCP account. In the email, include the IP address or URL of your full node. We will reply with further instructions on how to claim your reward.

If you ever have trouble getting your PAI Up Mobile Wallet to sync, try following the instructions below on how to manually connect PAI Up Mobile to a specific node.

How to connect PAI Up Mobile to a specific node?

Follow these instructions if you are unable to sync PAI Up or if your PAI Wallet still displays incorrect data after a sync.

Traditional apps, like WeChat, connect to a central server to retrieve and upload new data like incoming and outgoing messages, or new Moments from other users. PAI Up doesn’t work like that. Since the PAI Blockchain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network, there is no central server. But every PAI Coin Full Node acts like a central server, and when you launch PAI Up, the app has to choose—basically, at random—which Full Node to connect to.

If your connection to the node is poor (for example, because it’s physically far away), or there happens to be something wrong with that node (for example, because its owner is not properly maintaining it), PAI Up might not work well. In this case, you should manually reconnect to a different node. Here’s how.

From the main screen of PAI Up → Menu → Preferences → PAI Coin Settings → PAI Coin Nodes.

Now, take note of the “Current Primary Node,” then choose “Switch to Manual Mode.” From there, enter one of the following nodes (one that doesn’t match the Current Primary Node from the previous screen) in the top field and choose “OK.” You can enter either the URL or the IP address directly. Then, make sure the “Node Connection Status” shows “Connected.” If it doesn’t, or if it oscillates between “Connected” and “Connecting,” choose a different node from the list below and repeat the process.

Official PAI Coin Nodes

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年11月9日

If these tips still don’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling PAI Up.

PAI Weekly Updates

PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot of development work the team has been focused on:

● [PAI Coin Core] Worked on mempool discarding of transactions based on their acceptance height;

● [PAI Coin Core] Enabled expiry field serialization in transactions;

● [PAI Coin Core] Implemented unit tests for the mempool and transaction persistence and cleanup;

● [PAI Coin Core] Ongoing work update getblocktemplate to check for votes on all tips at current height, including

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

Sound off on PAI Forum!

Thank you for your support!


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